who is urban ape?

I class my self as a one man design agency.

I've been in this game a long time now and I'm trying my best to evolve with it. I started out in life as a graphic and print designer and as the design world has changed so has my skill set. I like to have a grasp on  all the aspects of the design process so that I can take on any job with a multi-disciplined approach which I find is especially important when working with start up companies as I can help build their vision from the ground up, start to finish on a very personal level.

Whether it's a start up company, big agency, big brand or just a mate in a band that wants a logo, I've worked with them all and how I approach a job is all ways the same regardless. If the job excites me then count me in, but for last time I do not do bloody Power Point.

Hopefully my site has given you a good overview about what I can do, if not then I will spell it out... I DESIGN THINGS!

Thanks for listening.