I spent 3 months working on the BMW website, I was in charge of redesigning their finance calculator section

I dont use pre designed templates, all my sites like this one are designed from scratch,

Since 2016 I can make fully responsive websites, but before you say it I know this one isn’t... all in good time people this was built pre 2016

I cover both user interface and user experience mapping out the entire journey plus designing all of the elements then prototyping them before handing over to the developers

In collaboration with my brother at Design.Build.Play we have successfully conceptualised, designed, built and brought two apps to market....


Watch this space as we are always working on more ideas.

smart watch face's & apps

I bought a new gadget and decided to try my hand at designing bits for it myself. I ended up winning another watch in the process with one of my designs :)

Tetra was loosing space on the shelves so they needed a rethink how to reach the consumer. I was tasked with designing an app for instore along with the display stand and also a take home app for mobile

I recently re-branded an up and coming jazz musician Samuel Eagles. This included logo imagery, music video and a fully responsive site.

GRAVITY Industries have built a real life Iron Man suit, and are changing the way we think about human propulsion. I designed and built their site as well as their whole brand

This was an app for Red Bull Music Academy, In the end it never went live due to their budget... always annoying when that happens